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Not Another Email Subscription!

Most of my life I have not fit the ‘norm’ expectations. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. This time around, I am trying to make sure that I, intentionally, am not just another normal sales pitch.

As the day starts to unwind from the Annual Kiwanis Kidsfest at Vern Burton, I am excited to see that people felt comfortable enough to subscribe to our emails. Many companies take advantage, in a redundancy way, of the email list and send emails willy nilly with no such purpose. That has become the ‘norm’, of getting unwanted and unnecessary emails too much with little relevant content. Then you must spend a Saturday evening unsubscribing to a seemingly endless email list.

Today was amazing to see how interactive and supportive the community was. The ability to track our return on investment by seeing our email list increase, even when ‘norm’ return on investment is going to show as revenue. It was well worthwhile attending because we loved being a part of a sensory craft with the kids in the community and building to our email list. So, with no other ado, subscribe now!

See You Later,

Nic's Knack

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