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Future Port Angeles Family Entertianment Center

Late 2021 we decided to do what most of us in the community have been talking about doing for...well, a long time. We set out to open a Family Entertainment Center! We have dedicated ourselves to research and finding all resources to make this possible. Check out our Facebook Page at Future Port Angeles Family Entertainment Center for the most current updates!

Laptop and Paperwork

We may have hired the professionals for a feasibilty study and more to ensure success but it hasn't stopped us from continuing our own personal research and trainings in the FEC Industry. We have over 60 hours of trainings!

Business Meeting

If you are wondering ways to stay connected or help, please reach out. We have plans to stay connected to the community by holding booths, host events, and begin fundraising. We are always looking for the next best path.

Professionals have completed research to find the best suitable attractions and areas for success according to our demographic and geographic layout.

Feasibility study is to its fullest capacity until further funding can secure property and studies.

Writing an application

Our next steps are to gain more traction with this business and to find out best path to open our dream Family Entertainment Center. We just need the right connections at the right time.

Donation Jar
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