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What is a Strait Up Foam Party?

An open invitation for foamy fun in a safe designated area. Our professional foam cannon projects the foam full of our allergy free, easy clean up, eco-friendly foam. We can provide music streamed through a speaker.

What areas does Strait Up Foam Fun serve? 

We serve all of Clallam County. Some added fees for traveling may be applied, always check in advance if travel fees apply to you. Our primary locations served are Port Angeles and Sequim, but have been out to La Push and then out to Silverdale. 

How long should my party be?

The length really depends on your party or event.  Birthday, kid parties, Teen events and Family parties typically fun one hour of non stop foam.  Other parties such as festivals, schools, daycare centers, graduation parties, corporate events and other large events can be two hours or as long as needed. Always check if you can add time to your party.

What do I need to provide?

We bring all of the equipment however, we need access to some supplies such as an outside water faucet, an electrical outlet, and space for us to fill with foam. Grassy areas, drive ways, parking lots, or asphalt area are great places to have your Strait Up Foam Fun party! We will not use dirt, dry grass or poorly maintained areas because this will make a large mess and can damage the terrain with moisture and stomping. Water hookup and the outlet must be within 100 feet of your foam party area.

What should party guests wear and bring?

We recommended that your guests wear their bathing suits and some sort of shoes on their feet. You can alternatively where your day clothes but be aware how much you play in the foam, as you may get damp or even soaked. Guests should always bring a towel (and perhaps a change of clothes)

Is the foam safe? 

Yes!  It is Biodegradable, Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-staining and scent free. All of our foam machine solutions are completely biodegradable, keeping the surrounding environment free from harm and eliminating the need for clean-up. Clean-up is a quick spray over with the hose. It’s safe and won’t damage skin, clothes, pets or lawns.

What you should avoid- As with all products that are not meant for consumption, you should avoid eating the bubbles. (Crayons are non-toxic but you wouldn't let a kid eat an entire crayon) You should also avoid consistent eye rubbing, as water alone can cause irritation. 

How much water is going to be used? 

We've been informed by other professionals in the community that an hour-long party will use approximately 80 gallons of water.  Although that seems like a lot, it is to about 2 bathtubs full of water.

What about COVID and social distancing? 

Strait Up Foam Fun parties are the perfect activity during COVID. We have barriers to help ensure staff remain a safe distance from the participants. Since these parties are outdoors, no ventilation is needed and participants can social distance. Of course, participants are covered in sudsy bubbles so sanitizing is not needed.

What type of music do you play during the party? 

We provide a charged Bluetooth speaker available for connection or to use our family and kid friendly music we can provide.

How many kids can participate at one time?

A standard rule of thumb is 40 kids but depending on the event we can accommodate more. For example, an Elementary School could host an event for all of the their children, but they take turns doing about 15 minute increments allowing for maximum fun for the cost.

Foam FAQs

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