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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions constitute the “agreement” between Strait Up Foam Fun, and the Customer (Bill To) as stated on this document. Updated July 16, 2022. 


ACCEPTANCE: By booking and/or hosting Strait Up Foam Fun, you agree, acceptance, and have been advised of the terms and conditions listed below and you agree not to hold Strait Up Foam Fun or any of our employees responsible for any harm or injury that may arise. This agreement is binding and non- cancel-able unless amended upon by both parties in writing. This agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the internal laws of the state of Washington. Strait Up Foam Fun shall not be liable for any injury or harm that may result of any event or party that is hosted whether it is a private or public.


DEPOSIT:  Deposits and final balance must be made in US funds in the form of a personal or company check, bank check, cashier’s check, money order, cash, wire transfer or any of the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card and Discover.  All payments will be made prior to the event taking place. If extra foam time is requested during the event, payment will be made during before extended foam begins. We reserve the right to request a deposit at any time for any reason.


CANCELLATION: Cancellations are only allowed for COVID (1 time) and for inclement weather discussed by both parties. This will allow for a reschedule with the agreed amount (1 time) and will then be charged the normal costs at that current time. We reserve the right to request a deposit at any time for any reason. We ask as much notice as possible for cancellations and reschedules, but we understand that things happen. We’re a small business, and time is a commodity we sell, and we appreciate your understanding.


WEATHER: Water is foam’s natural enemy. If it rains and the event has to postponed before we arrive, we can reschedule for another date without any penalty. If it rains while we are at the event, we will wait up to 30 minutes. If we have to reschedule because of rain while at the party, we just charge $50.00 to cover the time it took to travel, set up and take down on that day. As for wind, we can do foam in the wind without any trouble in most cases.


WHAT WE NEED: We need a standard 3 prong electrical outlet within 20 feet and garden hose connection within 100 feet of the foam cannon. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure a reliable electrical and water source. Our water consumption is typically 1-2 gallons a minute or 2 bathtubs when making foam.

  • Parking: Please be aware of our crew needing a convenient place to park near your party location. Also be aware of any temporary parking permits they may need to park on your street or at the event.

  • Itinerary: Our crew can only wait up to 15 minutes beyond your scheduled start time. If you would like our crew to start the foam party later than 15 minutes after your start time, we can accommodate that for an additional charge IF we have the time in our schedule.



  • SURFACES: Grass: The foam generally does not harm grass, however, on some varieties of grass, the feet running around in it can cause muddy spots, wear and tear, and/or leave temporary brown spots, much like a slip n’ slide, bounce house, or other water activities that take place on lawns. However, just like anything else, the grass should recover without any problems. We recommend running your sprinkler for an extra 30 minutes within a couple of hours of your foam party to fully wash away any residue left behind from the foam. We CANNOT create the foam on any high-gloss surface (like ceramic tile or glossy gym floor). Safety is our top priority. The foam zone is NOT very slippery usually, but just like when water is on a high-gloss surface, it’s just too slick to play on. Surfaces like cement, asphalt, pavers, real grass, fake grass, etc. are all fine and typically pose not issues. We’ve had many kids play in our form zones and so far without a single injury and we work hard to keep it that way. We do NOT do foam parties in pools. Our insurance will not allow it.




  • Please make sure NO lawn treatment chemicals or pesticides are applied to the property 48 – 72 hours prior to the party time.

  • We require at least one adult for every 10 – 12 kids from your party be present at all times during the foam fun. Don’t worry though it’s as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids so that’s usually not a problem.

  • The foam zone can get big at sometimes, which is awesome. Depending on wind direction and how many bodies are running in and out, it can reach 50 feet wide by 6 feet tall, although around 20 x 20 feet is pretty typical and we adjust to most environments. If you feel like it’s getting too big for your little ones, we can stop and start the foam cannon accordingly and if your event is for smaller guys and gals, we will already be mindful of that ourselves and check in with your occasionally to create the best experience possible.

  • The foam is made of 99% water with a small amount of the same ingredients as the leading all-natural dish soap but without the additives and fragrances. It goes away on its own by floating up and away or dissolving usually very quickly.

  • Our foam does not usually irritate the eyes any more than an hour in pool water, but it’s great to have dry towels to wipe your little ones faces occasionally and goggles go a long way too.

  • We love pictures!!!! If you are okay sharing the incredible pictures you get with us, and you’re going to get some jaw-dropping ones, please tag us on social media. That means the world to us and shows we did a great job! We are a small business and social media is important for us, so we often share event photos on our social media channels. By booking us, you agree we may do so. If this is an issue, please advise us accordingly.



  • Adult Supervision at all times.

  • Don’t eat the foam. It doesn’t taste good.

  • Unless you are a fish, you can’t breathe well in the foam.

No roughhousing, piggyback rides, running or diving.

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