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3 Reasons Why You Need To Subscribe

Good evening World!

I know what you're thinking not another email subscription. YIKES!

I could easily make a list of 10's of reasons why you need to subscribe to the Strait Up Foam Fun emails, but I'll go with the TOP 3!

First off, since Strait Up Foam Fun is a mobile business, we move around from different locations and events. (I bet you never saw that coming.) We have strategized, our best efforts to keep everyone updated on our schedule of public events so you can plan ahead! In the 2023 Season, we had hosted our first Pop- Up Event and only gave about 24-hour notice. Oops, my bad! So, I would like to make sure that everyone gets the information directly to them, as Facebook Algorithms are tricky to navigate, I would be bummed if anyone missed the opportunity due to a technical error. Subscribe Now!

The second reason you must subscribe to Strait Up Foam Fun is for the discounts! We will be announcing different promo codes, focusing on holidays and special registration dates, and weather updates and event check-ins. Subscribe Now!

Last, and most interesting, are updates on the expansion into the family entertainment center. We are working hard at expanding Strait Up Foam Fun into an indoor venue with multiple attractions. We will be updating the website, posting blogs, and sending out specialized emails to show our progress. Subscribe Now!

Now, again, as a mother of 6 and entrepreneur, I refuse to spam, we ain't got time for that junk! (In my best Midwestern accent) So, if you're interested in getting the latest and greatest information strait from the source, SUBSCRIBE NOW!

Signing Off

Nic's Knack

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