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4 Partnerships Needed For Success On Bringing A Family Entertainment Center to Port Angeles.

Updated: Mar 3

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Wowie! Anyone else have a tough start to the week!? Our family sure has, so we’re looking for some extra thoughts sent our way. Today, I wanted to discuss some needs and wants we have that will be very influential in our success in opening a Family Entertainment Center in Port Angeles. Keep reading to learn more about the top 4 partnerships we’re looking for.

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Community Partnerships

This includes word of mouth, crowd funding, assistance in obtaining materials, support during our special events and expansion progress. Word of mouth will go a long way by telling others about our services and what we have been able to provide to your special occasion. If the time comes for us to call to action the community for financial help through crowdfunding. Possible assistance obtaining materials or serviced during our expansion, for example, side construction projects, paint supplies, and even educational pieces that can be added to the attractions and theming. See here for a complete list of what is needed. Help can also be provided during our special occasions and events by having people participate. All profits are being returned back into the business for expansion needs.

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Grant Opportunities

Grant opportunities are helpful as we expand, but finding the grants are sometimes more difficult to find and apply for. We are hoping to make partnerships with anyone willing to review, edit, or guidance in writing and finding grants.

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Local Businesses

Supporting Local is one of the greatest things we can do for each other. We hope the community businesses see our passion, integrity and vision clearly enough to support in whatever way that means. We are hoping to in turn, when the time allows, be able to give back to the community in different ways such as supporting organizations in the Foster Care system, Neurodivergent Needs, and other youth programs.

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Entrepreneur resources

Over the past two years entrepreneur resources have included many names and numbers. At the top of the list is Small Business Association, Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurs, Port Angeles and Sequim Chamber of Commerce, Clallam Opportunity Investment Network, and Small Business Development Center. A big shout out to the Chamber of Commerce in Port Angeles for really helping me get connections to early resources, they were definitely instrumental. We are always adding to our list and still of a few that we have yet to contact, as timing is everything.

There are so many wheels spinning and gears turning, these are just a few that I handle on a daily basis. I am truly dedicated to this journey and looking forward to a new season of Strait Up Foam Fun to begin!

Talk Soon,

Nic’s Knack

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