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Foamy Fun

Hey everyone!

Nic's Knack is back and ready to talk foam! Now that you all, hopefully, read the first blog posts, to know why and who, I would love to tell you what services we currently offer!

Strait Up Foam Fun is a party foam business that focuses on serving Clallam County and the Olympic Peninsula. We have a professional foam cannon and solution that we bring to public or private events to ramp up the fun to the next level. We have different options such as color additives, mango scented, and UV glow foam while we play music, or we can connect to your own music playlist. We have specially trained Foam Operators, who run the cannon and music, so you can enjoy the event instead of being pulled away. Once the cannon is connected to water and electricity and placed in the desired location, a simple click of the button gets the foamy fun started. Within seconds the canon begins spraying foam up to 30 feet away! Just imagine, in under 15 minutes it looks like your child just emptied the contents of the bubble bath!

Let me guess, your question is "Wouldn't that burn their eyes?". Well like mentioned earlier we use a special formula made from the manufacturer that comes in concentrated form with only 2 ingredients. These are biodegradable, ecofriendly, pet and child safe, hypoallergenic and safe for grass. At the office I go through a mixing phase where I dilute the concentrated formula into a usable solution. This solution goes along to the events to create the magic. This is then added to water reservoirs to become a 98% water. The combination of the solution and the canon itself create the multitude of bubbles, one without the other, just will not work. I hope this explanation can put some of the comments like "What do you use Dawn Dish soap?" or "No, you can't participate, you'll get soap in your eyes." to rest. To follow up even more with the soap in the eyes bit, guess what, your child eyes aren't irritated by the soap, they are irritated because of the water pockets. Just remember the old Sonic the Hedgehog game in Sega, imagine swimming under water and getting bubbles of air to breath. Sonic handled it like a champ, but what they didn't show you is that his throat and eyes were sore and irritated from the water, just like us air breathers up here. Similar to when you swim underwater, and you open your eyes or try to breathe. It just shows you how much previous experiences can change our perception. If you ever got soap in your eyes during bath time, then you're automatically going to perceive this activity to do the same, it will trick you into thinking the soap is the culprit.

I hope enjoyed the information today, stay tuned for more posts about Strait Up Foam Fun and our pursuit of opening a Family Entertainment Center in Port Angeles. Don't forget to subscribe to our email list to get updates and discounts! Check us out online!

Nic's Knack

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