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Marco Polo

Updated: Mar 2

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Can't find us on one platform, don't worry we're on all the others.

Happy Friday!

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing! All is well on our end! We are working on some advancement opportunities for this summer and/or end of year changes. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated as I know more.

Today I wanted to talk about ways you can reach me and ways I plan to reach you. First, I am available by text or call at 360-808-6154. You are welcome to email me at When you check out our website at Strait Up Foam Fun, you’ll find the chance to become a member, which will allow you to receive email updates of this blog, current updates, events, and discounts straight to your email.

Screenshot of FAcebook Page of Strait Up Foam Fun. Cover Photo has two children sitting in wet, white, party foam all the way to their chins.
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You can find my presence on many Social Media Platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok @nicslegends, YouTube, and Pinterest. I will be trying my best to stay current in all these platforms. As parents, I feel that most of you will use Facebook and the teenage range will utilize TikTok. So, no poking fun as I learn how to "TikTok" as a 35-year-old! I’m hoping some of my teens will help me, so I’m not too cringe with my posts. The kids say I’m not hip and that I’m a ‘try hard’, but I informed them, it’s good to try hard. Goodness, they have so much to learn. 😉

Nic’s Knack

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