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Nic's Knack: Who we are.

Updated: Mar 2

HI! My name is Nicole Merrigan, and I am the Owner and Operator of Strait Up Foam Fun mobile foam party business in Clallam County. I am here to tell you who we are and what our plan is for the future is. Strait Up Foam Fun is a steppingstone to my large goal of creating an indoor family entertainment center for Port Angeles! No, I don't mean I'll be spraying the foam indoors and expecting the business to sustain itself, even though I would love to host an indoor foam party sometime! What I mean by indoor Family Entertainment Center is having different family attractions that are all under one roof, with food and beverage. Now, as many of the Ney sayers have said before, it's been tried and failed many times what is so different about you. Well, you'll just have to wait and see because today I'm only here to tell you about "Nic's Knack: Who we are.".

Husband and wife sitting in green glowing foam.
Nicole and Nick enjoying a UV Party Experience

"Nic's Knack: Who we are." Nic's Knack is A Creative Blog by Nicole, the Future Owner of Nic's Family Entertainment Center. Is this the official name of the Center? Nope. We'll hold off for a while before we make announcements. This will be the most current progress updates and ideas that I have to keep everyone in the loop on what work is being done. Now, who is behind Nic's Knack? Obviously, it's me, Nicole, but it's also my husband Nicholas, hence the name Nic's! Sometimes, just like in every relationship, your other half can finish your sentence and other times they are completely off topic. Those off topics will definitely be from Nick ;) Just kidding, it's a team effort and an extra set of eyes is always useful! Don't forget to check out Facebook, too!

Well, it was nice meeting everyone and finally being able to get this off of my goals list! Woot Woot for achieving goals!

Nic's Knack


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