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Phase 2 Coming to Squatchcon 2023!

Nic’s Legendary Hunts is offered through Strait Up Foam Fun. This new attraction is designed to push the boundaries of what Port Angeles has seen before. Nic’s Legendary Hunts is a location-based clue hunt that we can create and modify to fit the needs of different events and storylines. We will offer hunts that are accessible all year long and some that are limited time offers through events. A location-based clue hunt is a real-world game in which the players solve clues that lead them from one location or clue to the next using a free ClueKeeper app to track your progress. You can play as an individual or a team, while using one device to add the app and follow the guided hunt from beginning to end.


Anonymous Mom

I wish RR wouldn't have had his birthday already, I would have booked you for sure!

Abby W, 7

"I'm Excited!!"


When asked how she feels about having Strait Up Foam Fun be at her party.

Anonymous Dad

If they are this excited and there isn't any foam yet, imagine when it's actually on.

Strait Up Foam Fun
The Only Foam Party Host in Over 50 Miles!

What is a Foam Party?

Mounds of family and eco-friendly safe foam.

Throw in some music and fun toys.

Unforgettable memories for friends and family.

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