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Nic's Legendary Hunts

An outdoor puzzle hunt adventure!


These hunts are created in house locally with collaborating agencies, businesses, and people to make each hunt a unique experience with a balance between challenging and rewarding puzzles and riddles. With the help of GPS location, you will be required to find the specific locations to move forward in the storyline or clues, as well as using augmented reality to define what is real and what is...out of this world. 

Some hunts will be offered all year long while others are offered during specific events or festivals. Take a look at what hunts are available!

There are no hunts available at this time. We are working diligently at finding the right partners to collaborate with.

Squatchon 2023 Logo

Past Hunts Offered                            This hunt is expired.

Daryl Squatchon Mascot

Hunt Name: Sasquatch at Squatchcon

Storyline: Nic, the sasquatch, is a legend in the world of hunting but entertainment and having are fun huge hobbies of his, so its no wonder that he began creating hunts for his community, friends, and family. He was SO happy when he heard the news of Squatchcon coming back for a second year, he instantly made plans to attend. Once he got there, he realized that he might be a bit scary to some newcomers and wanted to really enjoy his time. So, he is asking for your help to create distractions, change his disguise and use props to keep his cover.

This hunt is exclusive to Squatchon dates only, March 30-April 2

Hunts are timed so complete the challenge to see where you land on the leaderboard. Each hunt has a different limit, so pay close attention.

You will find yourself in places you never knew existed. Travel downtown Port Angeles, the top list of PNW secrets, and learn more about different festival and event.

Each hunt can be played solo or a team, that will use 1 device to track progress with the app. Teams will have 1 device per team. 


Powered by ClueKeeper

 The hunt is powered by a mobile app called ClueKeeper. The ClueKeeper app is free, but it will cost per team to download the hunt. (Only ONE person per team needs to download the ClueKeeper app.)




Two girls looking at their environments trying to solve the app based clue hunt.
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How to Play


NOTE: Steps 1 – 3 can be done at any time before you play.

Step 1: Download the FREE ClueKeeper app for iPhone or Android (through the app store or via


Step 2: Launch the ClueKeeper app (you will create a free ClueKeeper account in the process.)


Step 3: Press the FIND HUNTS button, and enter the code provided after purchase.

Step 4: Launch the Hunt from within the ClueKeeper app.


Step 5: The ClueKeeper app will guide you from here. It will tell you where to go, give you puzzles, provide hints, and accept answers. Once you have provided the correct answer, you will get instructions on where to go for the next puzzle. Note: hints become available over time, and you will be able to skip puzzles if you must.


Step 6: Play, solve, and have fun!

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