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Top Events You Don't Want To Miss

Strait Up Foam Fun can go anywhere as long there is the space to spray foam, with access to water and electricity. Our foam parties can be public or private, but what is lesser known is that we can host events too! We enjoy having the ability to host our own events. Here is a list of events we have on our radar for 2024!

  • National Foam Party Day This is a day we hold near and dear to us as foam party providers. This is a day to celebrate US! We are hoping to have a 'block party' style event for this year.

  • 3 scheduled Pop-Up Events By hosting the pop-up events we can ensure a low-cost option for families to attend. These are typically held at local parks, and we are hoping to expand into Sequim too!

  • Bubble Run ( or a community partnership) We are currently collaborating with community organizations to offer a Bubble Run! If the details cannot pan out, we will continue to search for how we can offer one.

  • Fundraisers- Takeovers Fundraisers allow for school organizations and other nonprofits to raise funds for important community causes.


These events will be hosted and ran by the Strait Up Foam Fun team. Some will be at a cost; some will be free to the community. The purpose is to allow inclusion to the community. As a mother of 6, birthdays can be costly, and sometimes the extra money just isn't there. Similarly getting into the fair or other entrance fee events prevent families from attending. We live on the Peninsula just as you do, we know what it is like having limited resources. We, at Strait Up Foam Fun, do not want to be one of those limited resources.

It takes a village,

Nic's Knack

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